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6J1 HiFi Stereo Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board DIY Kits
6J1 HiFi Stereo Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board DIY Kits
6J1 HiFi Stereo Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board DIY Kits
6J1 HiFi Stereo Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board DIY Kits

6J1 HiFi Stereo Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board DIY Kits

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 Product Description :

6J1 Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board DIY Kits Preamp Amplifier Module Bile Amp Effect Parts


6J1 HiFi Stereo Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board Finished Preamp Amplifer Module  

1. 6J1 fever gall bladder before the board is imitation machine music fax X-10D circuit principle design, to be a reasonable optimization, more stable than the original machine performance, the tube to play increased by 10 percent. 
2. This machine uses a single 12V AC input, do not have to worry about looking for high voltage power supply The board comes with a boost you enjoy the low power supply to enjoy the charm of high-voltage tube. 
3. Coupling capacitor using Taiwan FARAD electrode without charge MET series, high-frequency low-resistance electrolytic capacitors, 1% precision metal film resistors,  J-class regulations tube 6J1. 

Power works: 
A power supply, tube filament began to heat, then boost from the zero voltage began to boost, and other tube filament hot, the boost is just boost finished, so this is the same with the gall bladder rectifier, 8 470UF the capacitor filter is very clean, excellent power supply system will not have the exchange of sound. 
The filament is DC 12V power supply, the need for two tube filament is in series, the use of DC filament is also to reduce noise. 

Model: 6j1 Tube (replaceable models 6AK5,6AU6,5654, etc.) 
Channel type: 2.0 / stereo 
Power input: AC AC12V 0.8A /5.5*2.5 plug 
Weight: approx. 82g 
Knob function: power switch / volume adjustment 

Operation Manual: 
6J1 tube buffer 0.85 times the amplification, then the sound source and the former level or between the level, can effectively filter the digital taste, the human voice is excellent, bile strong. 
1. AC 12V input: the use of DC3.5 / 5.5 * 2.1 socket, with AC 12V power adapter, if you want to use no plug AC 12V transformer, the need to power line welding on the circuit board. 
Remember: can not use DC power input, otherwise do not work! 
2. Left channel input / right channel input: for the audio signal input, you can connect to the phone, computer, M3, MP4, and other music players. 
3. The left channel output / right channel output: the audio signal output, you can connect to the amplifier, power amplifier board audio signal input, to the post-amplifier to provide bile full of music to enjoy! 
4. The power switch / volume knob: the knob counterclockwise rotation just to reduce the volume, when the volume off to the minimum, if you continue to rotate until the "tick" sound, then power off, the light is off; in the closed state, Turn the knob clockwise to hear "tick", the indicator light is on, indicating that the power is on, and the volume is the smallest, then turn clockwise to increase the volume. 

Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement. 
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding. 


1 x Electronic Tube Preamplifier Board  

Maximum Power Per Channel: Above 200W
Model Number: 194026
Channels: 2 (2.0)
Package: No

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