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The music of Tesla coil
The music of Tesla coil / plasma Horn / plasma speaker / wireless power transmission / air lighting
The music of Tesla coil / plasma Horn / plasma speaker / wireless power transmission / air lighting
The music of Tesla coil / plasma Horn / plasma speaker / wireless power transmission / air lighting
The music of Tesla coil / plasma Horn / plasma speaker / wireless power transmission / air lighting

The music of Tesla coil / plasma Horn / plasma speaker / wireless power transmission / air lighting

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Product Description :

This is the first section of the music Tesla coil users should be required and special production. Specify the appearance in the pagoda shape, looks like the Eiffel Tower. Put on the computer desk or desk to cool enough, of course, the performance should be strong enough. So work and materials at all costs. In order to meet the needs of the market to recover part of the R & D costs, I am a small number of spot foreign sales. Due to the lack of stocking and production time, non special customers a ID limit a piece.

The music circuit design of the Tesla coil in 2016 October has been completed, the next two or three months has been in the fatigue test repeatedly modify and optimize the circuit structure, the prototype is made of welding hole plate 3, PCB proofing setting 2 times, the high frequency power device using high quality components. High voltage ceramic capacitor only with different capacity of 8 specifications of the test, the development process of abnormal hard.

Circuit reference frequency SSTC and other classic professional Tesla coil circuit. Taking into account the positioning of this product for the desktop music Tesla coil. Delicate and exquisite safety requirements, so the original circuit has been a special modification and innovation. Traditional Tesla coil (can play music), including: drive, arc extinguishing, power bridge, the primary secondary coil and other parts, with a complex structure, bulky, expensive features. Although the sound loud (of course, the noise is also large) has not enough security, can only play square wave music (ordinary music must first be converted into a square wave with specialized software), must be grounded and other shortcomings. According to these shortcomings of the traditional Tesla coil, this product can be described as really small and convenient, safe and applicable, beautiful appearance, can be called the desktop music level Tesla coil King (ha ha)! You laugh at me).

1, product features: (1) \, circuit after frequency structure, automatically enter the resonant state after the start of the circuit in the Tesla coil in power efficiency is the highest, the series resonance is the core of the Tesla coil. (2), joined the special heat dissipation device, good heat dissipation, can work continuously for a long time uninterrupted. (3), not limited by the music format, you can plug in any format music. (4), loud voice, good sound quality. Of course, different customer requirements are not the same, please refer to the specific video. ((5), no grounding. 2, product specification: long 10cm, wide 10cm, high 17cm (not containing the electric acupuncture). Weight: about 400 grams.

3, the video connection: (please copy the URL to the browser address bar can be opened) video is a laptop to provide audio signal, power supply voltage 24 volts effect. And (1), music (Moonlight) Tesla coil connection: From=s7.8-1.2& spm=a2h0k.8191393.bodydiv.5! 2~5! 6~A\ (2), music (teslacoil betray me) connection: id_XMjU3MDgzMjc3Mg==.html? From=s7.8-1.2& spm=a2h0k.8191393.bodydiv.5! 3~5! 4~A\ (3), music (mantra) Tesla coil connection: from=s7.8-1.2& spm=a2h0k.8191393.bodydiv.5? 8~A! 3~5!

4, the purchase of products, presented 24V, 2A (or 2A) power supply, the following figure power for reference only, the appearance of change without notice, but the quality must be guaranteed. Give an audio line.

5, note: \ (1), taking into account the possible electromagnetic interference, so this product is not suitable for the installation of medical devices (such as cardiac pacemakers, etc.). (2), because there is electromagnetic interference, do not recommend the use of smart phones as an audio signal source, and the phone output thrust is not enough. The video is recorded with a laptop as a source of music, and of course it can be done on a desktop or tablet computer. (3), due to the use of the circuit structure of the chase, the need for a trigger signal (that is, electromagnetic perturbation, the user knows the oscillation circuit). If the electricity failed to promptly start the moment, just open the palm slowly near the discharge point (but do not touch the tip to avoid being ejected from the arc burns) will be able to start, like the palm has magic, is not cool. Or a screwdriver with insulated handle as a superficial touch discharge tip (known as arc) can start. However, it is not recommended to touch the discharge tip and pull the long time, this is because the circuit will enter the super power operation state is easy to cause the tube. \ \ (4), this product without grounding can work, but in high frequency electromagnetic environment will produce some high voltage electrostatic, electrostatic like computer case, in fact, any claims of the coil without grounding will produce static electricity, this is common sense. At this time do not touch any of the metal parts of the machine, there will be a high voltage electrostatic shock may be, with an ad Description: it will hurt a little, but there will be no security problems. Electrostatic elimination is excellent on the machine and the signal source in time, so this product set up a special electrostatic binding post, as shown below, with a cable (in full in the wire stripping is a fine root) connected to the Internet or other metal security doors and windows can be a large area of metal no, really grounded. It is recommended to use the valuables as audio signal source are connected on the static wire. Although the owner of the lazy, in the usual use and recording of the video did not connect the ground has never been any problems.


As different computer display the colors differently,and the color maybe is little difference from the actual items,Hope you can understand it.thank you!


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