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Tesla coil  Tesla coil supplied by 220V
Tesla coil  Tesla coil supplied by 220V Spark gap Tesla coil
Tesla coil  Tesla coil supplied by 220V Spark gap Tesla coil

Tesla coil Tesla coil supplied by 220V Spark gap Tesla coil

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Product Description

Spark gap Tesla coil

new version

Reduce many installation steps, installation is simple, it is not easy to make mistakes, and the stability of circuit board is improved.

After installation volume: 24 cm long X width 12 cm X 41 cm high.

The input voltage is 220V, the arc length is about 10 centimeters, and the power is about 30W.


Original Tesla coil

Installation is needed, installation steps are relatively more, mainly installation of shelves, installation video.

After installation volume: 14.5 cm long X width 28 cm X 55 cm high.

The input voltage is 220V, the arc length is about 10 centimeters, and the power is about 30W.


If you need it, please contact us first.

Reference materials

It uses a resonant principle in the circuit that makes the Tesla coil voltage up to hundreds of thousands of volts, but because the current is very small, it can be touched by hand (do not watch the voltage only to see the current and power), the length of the arc is more than 10 centimeters. Touch gradually and do not touch the surface directly.youAThe feeling of arc impact is the feeling of numbness.

This feeling is similar to that of a lighter in an electronic lighter.


Some netizens make fun of itAvenue:Touch it. You can't get addicted. For a long time, you don't know if there are any side effects.


In addition, the working frequency of the LC loop can reach over 1000 Hz, which is very high. High frequency electricity has a skin effect, that is, only from the surface of the conductor, so that if through the human body, only from the surface of the skin, no injury to the viscera, so the safety of this coil is good.

Since this is a small Tesla coil, you can touch it and wear a large protective clothing, otherwise you mustn't touch it!

When working, the lighter will produce a lot of noise and prepare for psychological preparation: … …

The Tesla coil must be well grounded, otherwise the effect will not be good.

We must never connect the ground wire to the electrical outlet. That way, it will damage the household electrical appliances, because all the electrical appliances at home are twisted together.


This is the Tesla coil supplied by 220V City, which is about 60 centimeters high and the copper coil is about 30 centimeters high.The power is about 30W, and the circuit part has been debugged before delivery.Due to the express transportation problem, we deliver the semi-finished products at the time of shipment, and assemble them after receiving the goods.




Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)

Type: Air Conditioner Parts


The Tesla coil is a special high-voltage device. The manufacture and operation of the Tesla coil may result in personal injury or property damage, and the consequences are not related to the designer or vendor of the device.

Precautions for use and safety warnings:

l Please pay attention to the safety of electricity. The Tesla coil will generate extremely high voltage and high frequency arc. Do not touch the output arc of the Tesla coil. Once you touch the arc, you may be burned. In the worst case, you Will be exposed to a potentially life-threatening electric shock!

l The drive board in power-on operation is also dangerous. There are capacitors with very large mounting capacity on the drive board! Therefore, the driver board after power-on is prohibited from direct contact! When the driver board is powered off, it is recommended to cut off the power supply, wait for the output arc of the Tesla coil to disappear, then cut off the drive power, and leave the driver board for at least 5 minutes. This is to ensure the charge stored in the storage capacitor. Can be safely released! It is forbidden to manually discharge the charge, which will damage the energy storage capacitor!

l Users under the age of 18 are required to use it under the supervision of an experienced adult!

l When a Tesla coil is in operation, it generates a strong magnetic field and a strong electric field. It generates induced currents on the surrounding metal objects, including wires, cables, and nearby electronic equipment, and generates strong electromagnetic radiation! Therefore, it is forbidden to use Tesla coils if there are implanted/non-implanted electronic medical device carriers around! It is forbidden to use a pacemaker! If you have a pacemaker, please stay away from the device!

l Tesla coil output arc noise is very large, it is recommended that you prepare earplugs to protect the eardrum!

l The high temperature and high pressure arc of the Tesla coil will cause the gas in the air to form other compounds, including ozone and nitrogen oxides. You will smell this when the Tesla coil is working, so please keep the Tesla coil. The working environment is well ventilated to prevent the accumulation of irritating odors such as ozone and nitrogen oxides!

l The high temperature arc of the Tesla coil can ignite flammable items, including solids, liquids, gases, etc., so it is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials around the working environment of the Tesla coil, and place relevant fire extinguishing facilities in the workplace!

l When the Tesla coil is working, the power components, heat sinks, etc. will generate heat. It must be ensured that the cooling fan is in working condition during the whole working process for a long time! Excessive operating temperatures will burn the drive board!

l After the Tesla coil is energized, please do not touch the secondary coil directly. There will be a certain induced voltage in the secondary coil. Do not disconnect the grounding wire directly, at least for 30 minutes, waiting for the charge to be naturally released!



As different computer display the colors differently,and the color maybe is little difference from the actual items,but we can guarantee the style is same,but maybe some not same performance on different bodies as on the models.Hope you can understand it.thank you!



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