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Smart single string 3.2V 3.65V
Smart single string 3.2V 3.65V lithium iron phosphate battery charger 4A reverse protection
Smart single string 3.2V 3.65V lithium iron phosphate battery charger 4A reverse protection

Smart single string 3.2V 3.65V lithium iron phosphate battery charger 4A reverse protection

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Product Description :
Lithium iron phosphate battery charger with reverse protection! The interface is red and black clip type.

 Lithium iron phosphate charger, smart lithium iron phosphate battery charger, single string lithium battery charger, 3.65V4A

 Main Specifications

Input voltage: AC100--240V 50--60HZ
Output voltage: DC3.65V (±0.1V)
Output maximum current: 4A, output interface: red and black clip type

Input wiring: default US standard two flat

Size: 118*60*38MM (without input and output lines)

Performance: constant current and constant voltage intelligent type, with over voltage / over current / over temperature / over charge / reverse protection, with charging indicator, red light charging, green light is full.

Special note: This is a low-voltage and high-current charger. The output voltage drop will obviously affect the actual current output. We use the 18th 60CM copper wire, which has minimized the influence of voltage drop on the current, so we do not recommend the guest. The length of the growth line is charged, otherwise the actual output current will decrease, and the charging current for the guest is measured by a multimeter in series, so that the accurate current cannot be measured, and the displayed current will be much smaller than the actual one, because the multimeter is pen After the series connection, the output line is extended, and the positive and negative poles of the general test pen are both 1.5-2 meters long, especially the gauge lines themselves are very thin, which is why many guests measure the current only 1A or less. If you want to measure the actual current, please use a professional ammeter or electronic load, and connect the test with a thick enough connecting wire (more than one square, as short as possible). In addition, the voltage standard is 3.65V plus or minus 0.1V, and the production is controlled within 0.05V error. We use the industry standard Fluke multimeter test. If the buyer cares about this, please use it carefully, or use another multimeter. The test produces a reading error and does not accept returns!

About some passengers react to the fever of the charger: When the charger is working at constant current, the heat is the largest, and the temperature rise of the casing will reach 30 degrees (the room temperature is about 30 degrees, the temperature of the case will reach 60 degrees). This temperature is Can not be touched by hand for a long time, plus the internal heat sink of the charger is close to the outer casing, the Schottky output is also close to the output line end, the charger is designed to be sealed and the casing is naturally cooled, all the heat is lost through the outer casing, the inside of the charger The IC has over-temperature protection. When the charger is turned into constant voltage operation, the temperature will automatically drop. At this time, the battery is also nearly full. The low-voltage and high-current charger is larger than the normal charger. This is normal. In this regard, we also put forward the following suggestions: When the charger is working, it should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and keep a certain distance from the items that are afraid of high temperature. If the battery capacity is relatively large (greater than 20AH), it can be charged in sections.

Professional technical parameters (specifically can be designed according to customer requirements - voltage / capacity / size / line)
• Globally applicable AC input voltage
• High efficiency and low operating temperature
• Soft start current, effectively reducing AC input shock
• Short circuit protection, overload protection
• Small size and light weight
• 100% full load burn test
• Performance: with constant voltage, constant current, over voltage, over current protection function; indicator light conversion; automatic recovery and other functions
• Charging voltage: 3.65V (±0.1V); indicator light is green when no load
• Charging voltage range: The voltage in the constant current phase is random, but not higher than 3.65V (±0.1V), indicating that the red light is on.
• Output current: 4A (±5%); current is gradually reduced during constant voltage charging
• Conversion current: 0.1C-0.15C; after full conversion, the indicator light is green
• Ripple and noise (Note 3): <250mVp-p (constant voltage)
• Line adjustment rate (Note 4): ±0.5%
• DC output power: up to 60W
• Efficiency: >85% (maximum output voltage, full load)
• DC voltage range: 3.65V (±0.1V)
• Input voltage range: 100 ~ 240VAC; 47 ~ 63Hz; 140-350VDC
• Input current: 0.1A/230V
• Inrush current: cold start current 2A/230V
• Leakage current: <3.5mA
• Overload protection: 105% to 150% Type: FOLDBACK current limit output Reset: automatic recovery
• Temperature coefficient: ±0.03% °C (0 to 50 °C) OUTPUT
• Start, rise, hold time: 200ms, 50ms, 30ms
• Shock resistance: 10~500Hz, 2G 10min./1 cycle, duration 60 minutes, each axis
• Pressure resistance: input - output: 1.5KVAC
• Isolation resistance: between input and output: 10M Ohms
• Operating temperature and humidity: '-10 ° C ~ +50 ° C, 20% ~ 90% RH
• Storage temperature and temperature: '-10°C~+60°C, 20%~90%RH
• Dimensions: 118*60*38MM
Output interface: red and black clip
Technical guidance notes
• The above parameters test conditions are: 230VAC input, rated load, 25°C 70% RH. Humidity
• Tolerance: including set tolerance, line stability, load stability (Note 5)
• Ripple test: 20MHz with A12" twisted pair, terminal short circuit with 0.1uF & 47uF capacitor
• Line regulation rate test: minimum line voltage to maximum voltage at full load
• Load regulation test: load from 0% to 100%, other outputs are 60% rated load
• Each output can reach the maximum current, but the total load cannot exceed the maximum output power




As different computer display the colors differently,and the color maybe is little difference from the actual items,but we can guarantee the style is same,but maybe some not same performance on different bodies as on the models.Hope you can understand it.thank you



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