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Smart Bluetooth 5S-16S 40A 80A 100A 150A Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS APP 6S 7S 8S 10S 12s 13s

Smart Bluetooth 5S-16S 40A 80A 100A 150A Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS APP 6S 7S 8S 10S 12s 13s

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Smart Bluetooth 5S-16S 35A 40A 80A 100A 150A Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS PHONE APP 6S 7S 8S 10S 12S 13S 14S


Mobile phone Bluetooth app

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  • Features: 

    BMS protection board installation and wiring

    1 Charge and discharge line connected to BMS board negative C-port 4 blue lines must be connected to BMS board same port design Charge and discharge load are connected to BMS board C-port
    2 Battery negative line connected to BMS board B-port wiring Be sure to connect the negative pole to the B-port of the BMS board first. Insert the sampling line B-, C- output line. Do not press or twist the wire. Be sure to solder. Due to the pressure line or Screw wire burnout protection board is not guaranteed

    1 CAN communication JN1939 protocol CAN2.0A/B communication for use with vehicle controller/motor controller/instrument/charger
    2 RS485-1 communication with isolation special charger
    3 RS485-2 communication Support RS-485 communication 2500V isolation. Baud rate standard 19600.
    4 built-in Bluetooth
    5 equilibrium

    When the equalization switch is turned on or off, any string exceeds the control voltage. The charging automatically turns on the equalization until the differential voltage is set to stop the equalization. The equilibrium temperature is reached.
    And voltage drop will stop equalization
    Equalization is on. Any string exceeds the equalization start voltage. Exceeding the set differential voltage turns on the equalization automatic equalization. To control the voltage and set the differential voltage. Stop the equalization.
    There is a discharge current and an equilibrium temperature to the set value. The equilibrium temperature is not inserted and the voltage is dropped.

    6 Current correction: Under discharge condition. Use the meter to read the correct current discharge APP and the upper computer input actual current value. The unit is mA directly press the correction button to correct.
                          Look at the input current of the display to the host

    7 SOC correction: First, fill the actual capacity of the battery pack into the capacity setting. Set the charging protection voltage to correct the current when charging the current to the BMS protection SOC.

    8 Actual capacity correction: First fill the battery to the protection voltage (the highest voltage can not be lower than the charge recovery voltage)
                             After the power is discharged (discharged to the set protection voltage), the calibration capacity inside the actual APP will come out.

    SIZE : 35A-40A  95*63*20MM
               80A-150A   145*65 * 20MM

                                                            Features                                            Ternary lithium/ iron lithium /lithium titanate

    Charging protection                     1500MV-4500 MV                               4200MV          3650MV            2800MV

    Secondary charging protection     950MV-4800MV                                   4300MV       3750MV        2950MV

     The secondary protection setting voltage must be greater than the protection voltage

    Charge protection delay                4S -10S

    Charging recovery                                                                                       4100MV 3550MV 2700MV

     The charge recovery setting voltage must be less than the charge protection voltage

    Discharge protection                1500MV-4500 MV                                        2750MV 2500MV 1800MV

    Secondary discharge protection                                                                    2500MV 2250MV 1600MV

    VDischarge protection delay                      4S-10S

    Discharge recovery                                                                                            3100MV 2900MV 2200MV

    High temperature protection

    Power board 90C

    Equalization board 70C

    Battery 65C

    High temperature recovery
    Power board 85c

      Balance board 65c

    Battery 60c
    Low temperature protection              -30   C                                                                  can be set
    Low temperature recovery                -10    C                                                          can be set


    Charging current 50A

    charging current setting cannot exceed the nominal current of the BMS protection board

    Discharge continuous current 50A

    Instantaneous current discharge 150A The discharge current setting is generally not more than 3 times the nominal current of the BMS board.

    Balanced on 1000MV-4300MV 4100MV 3400MV 2600MV
    Open differential pressure 1-30MV 20MV 20MV 20MV
    Equilibrium current 2-80MA 80MA 60MA 40MA

    Package Contents
    100% Brand New
    1 xSmart Bluetooth 5S-16S 35A 40A 80A 100A 150A Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS PHONE APP 6S 7S 8S 10S 12S 13S 14S
    1x cable


Condition: New
Type: Voltage Regulator
Package: SMD
Dissipation Power: w
Model Number: c
Application: Computer
Operating Temperature: c
Supply Voltage: v

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