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Music Tesla coil
Music Tesla coil   Loudspeaker with Music Tesla Coil
Music Tesla coil   Loudspeaker with Music Tesla Coil
Music Tesla coil   Loudspeaker with Music Tesla Coil
Music Tesla coil   Loudspeaker with Music Tesla Coil
Music Tesla coil   Loudspeaker with Music Tesla Coil

Music Tesla coil Loudspeaker with Music Tesla Coil

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Product Description :

\ Design of Tesla coil 3#Extraordinary,A large aluminum alloy radiator is adopted, and no fan is needed to eliminate the noise source.
The bottom overhead height is about 15mm, which is favorable for air convection.
The whole plant is steady and tall, with a Eiffel Tower like architectural beauty.

\ In addition to demonstrating the phenomenon of radio lighting and radio transmission, the Tesla coil 3# is one of its most fascinating functions

\ [name of commodity] Music Tesla coil Kit (Model_TC3#, V1.0)\


\ [main characteristics]\
\ Supply voltage: 15~24V
Power consumption: 25W (24V power supply)
\ Arc length: 5mm[features]1., this product is the basic Tesla coil demonstration device assemblySuiteInstallation is successful\
\ Air lighting, radio transmission, sound playback Three types of effects;2., equipped with a large size radiator, without the fan auxiliary heat dissipation, you can work in silent conditions for a long time.At present, similar products are widely used in small radiators, high temperature\

Not suitable for long periods of use,

Or equipped with fans, there is a big noise problems.[kit & purchase advice]Host SuiteIt is a friend who wants to assemble a Tesla coil by himself. See the list of components above
\ .> recommend buying <The coil assembly (units)
If you want to design the structure of the circuit board or the whole device, the coil is the most critical component, the coil of this product has a special base, easy to fix.22V2A switching power supply:
Finished products (excluding power)
No production experience, but also want to experience the magic charm of Tesla coil, please shoot finished products.Radio transmission demonstration component

It is still under development

\ [graphic description]Why are there only a few small components on the board? In fact, the high power pipes are hidden under the circuit boardThe coil tube of this unit is not glued to the circuit board with glue, but it is fixed with the PVC base which is processed by our shop

\ Easy to assemble and disassemble

This product assembly difficult, suitable for more than 12 years old
Practical ability for young people to make

The radiator is elevated with 4 long pole M4 screws to provide room for air convection at the bottom of the radiator.The effect of the arc ejected by the coil is very strong. The arc length is about 5mm, which is blue, purple and flame. It will flicker with the sound of musicThe arc ignites the paper, cigarette, etc directly.\The effect of light saving lamp tube separated from each other. What can be lighted by the diaphragm also includes neon bubblesTo be found[defect declaration]1. coil L2 is our shop around, no professional factory products, so beautiful,Probably

\ \


Not tight enough, smooth, with some fingerprints and no impact on performance. The L1 in the finished product is bent from hand to hand, not in mold, and the shape is less regular;2. raw material supporting the radiator lighting project, non retail products, appearance is not anodized so beautiful, is not very smooth, the individual will have a fingerprint, the fins are extrusion impact small deformation, does not affect the use;[matters needing attention]1. Tesla coil flame temperature is very high, and its role is equivalent to open flame, so
\ Don't turn on the machine without people around,
\ Be sure to pay attention to safety;2. in addition to the high voltage coil suspension ends voltage of the coil is very high, do not include human limbs with metal (including seemingly insulation nails) near to the high voltage coil, otherwise it will lead to discharge the flame, causing burns;3. the radiator of this product is big, but because it isPassive heat dissipation, the use of hot summer weather, radiator surface temperature is still high, there will be a hot feeling, so in a high temperature environment, do not use for a long time.At suitable temperature(< 25 DEG C)In the environment, this shop has been testing for several hours in a row, the device can work properly, the radiator surface temperature is high, but not hot.
The voltage generated by the 4. Tesla coil is very high,To prevent accidents, please Tesla coil device away from such as mobile phones, computers, digital equipment and other sensitive electronic equipment, it is best to maintain a distance of more than half meters 

Type: Air Conditioner Parts

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