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 Assembled Board And Diy Kits

1Pcs 1969 Class A Power Amplifier Board 10-15W HiFi Audio Amplificador MOT/2N3055 PCB

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Product description:
1Pcs 1969 Class A Power Amplifier Board 10-15W HiFi Audio Amplificador MOT/2N3055 PCB Assembled Board And Diy Kits
  Please note before you buy: Products as shown in my main picture, one channel price. so if you need stereo channels, please you buy 2pcs. thank you!
PCB: double-sided gold, gold, gold, S wiring, 1.6MM thick
Secondary Filter Capacitor: Light Blue Ruby 100UF
Power supply decoupling: boost, feedback capacitor: P-anasonic FC series 220UF
Signal amplification tube: 2N2907
Current push tube: 2N1711
Power amplifier tube: disassemble 2N3055(   2N3055 is used, but it work well)
Input Capacitor: ERO
Output Capacitor: Taiwan Jiahe, this is a foundry enterprise, often giving gold bullets, silver bullets, and Sibi as capacitors. Its appearance is not good, the sound is balanced, and the effect is much better than the European and American capacitors of the disassemble.
Angle Aluminum: Silver High Purity Oxidation Angle Aluminum
Working voltage: DC 12V-35V (corresponding to 9-26V transformer, power needs to be greater than 100W)
Output sound power: 10-15W
Size: 100*78*36MM. Angle aluminum 2 fixed hole distance 53MM
The default is 24V, 1.2A, which can be used for current flow. The higher the current is, the more heat is recommended.
      choose a 3-5 inch full-range speaker, and you can choose a full-range speaker with a 5-8 inch diameter. You can also choose a speaker with a power below 120 watts and below 8 inches.
Adjust the current:
The universal meter hits the current 10-20A, the VCC line is not connected, the red meter pen is connected to the VCC terminal of the rectifier board, and the VCC terminal of the black test lead connected to the power amplifier board is the measuring current. Adjust the KT2 on the board (W202 at the top of the part) to change the current. 1.2A is recommended.
Note: The hole for measuring the midpoint/current red pen is different. When measuring the current and then measuring the midpoint, you must change the red pen hole.
Package included:



Package: Yes
Brand Name: Aiyima
Maximum Power Per Channel: 15W
Model Number: 1969 Class A Power Amplifier Board
Channels: 1

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