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Hifi (CAT SL-1 line) tube preamp PCB

Hifi (CAT SL-1 line) tube preamp PCB empty board, no electronic parts

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product description
The pre-stage line is a replica of the modern classic vacuum tube pre-stage CAT SL-1 Signature.
The appeal of the CAT SL-1 is that it retains the glamorous and rich sound quality of the vacuum tube, while at the same time providing the unique control and low frequency of the crystal machine. STEREOPHILE, the leading American audio magazine, selected CAT SL-1 as the annual equipment in 1993, and can imagine how powerful it is.
CAT can be said to be a standard tuning technology. Three different types of vacuum tubes are used on the entire line, and a total of four double transistors are used. The first level uses 12AU7 to take its high-bandwidth, sweet tone. The second level is even more brilliant. Using the high-magnification tube 12AX7 for SRPP, it creates a wide bandwidth and invincible dynamics. Finally, 6DJ8 is used as the output to get very low output impedance and driving force. It can be used with various rear stages and there is no problem with matching.
Parameters and matching:
Motherboard size: 230mm × 155mm
Motherboard input voltage (all DC): 0-6.3V × 1 (2A), 12.6V × 1 (2A), 260V-0-260V × 1 (80mA)
Use the tube: 12AU7 × 1 branch, 12AX 7 × 2 branch, 6922 × 1

From a friend:
When you mention the pre-biliary level, many people think that the sweetness of the sound with gold color is the best. In the "competition" of the biliary predecessor who sold more than 7,000 yuan last year, the golden yellow that filled the whole house once made someone stand up and cheer: the amp is different! Yes, the charm of the gallbladder has conquered countless enthusiasts, but what kind of "daring" is counted, I believe many people are confused, even out of superstition on the amplifier, simply say: the amplifier is good! In fact, where is the really awkward amp? Here I would like to talk about a fever machine: the United States CONVERGENT AUDIO TECHNOLOGY (referred to as CAT) SL-1 ULTIMATE ultimate version of the pre-biliary level. Due to the working relationship, I have had many contacts with this machine, and I have also opened it up. When I heard her opening, I felt that it was a fairly pure voice - its voice has its own unique analysis. It has the intimate atmosphere of a general amp, as well as a high-pitched tone with a fine texture. Her deep sculptural super-analytic power and the energy and intensity of the notes can be unforgettable! From this, I believe that a good amp, should have a very high analytical power that gives a clear outline of the contours of the sound image (high analytical power is not a dry one that only exposes the details) Feeling, but to describe the light and dark levels of music very delicate listening), but also to easily and smoothly convey the mood of the music, people feel that there is a proper mellow and sensation, but also have a full frequency Stretching power, dynamic dynamics, and grand sound field ensure that a harmonious and transparent space can be easily restored. Therefore, a good "daring voice" is not only the golden color of the thick and thick, but also has excellent transparency, sufficient analysis and resolution for small details, CAT designer - KEN STEVENS made A good interpretation, its new "conscience" concept not only affects the latecomers, but also makes the modern aurora sound orientation mostly develop in this direction.

The parts on the picture are only for display, The actual shipment is an empty board. You need to purchase additional parts yourself to install. All you buy is an empty printed circuit board, you must pay attention!



As different computer display the colors differently,and the color maybe is little difference from the actual items,but we can guarantee the style is same,but maybe some not same performance on different bodies as on the models.Hope you can understand it.thank you



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