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1969 LM1875 + 6J1 tube amplifier

1969 LM1875 + 6J1 tube amplifier 2 channel output Class-A 20W +20w audio amplifier

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Product Description :

HiFi 1969 LM1875 + 6J1 tube amplifier  2 channel output Class-A 20W +20w audio amplifier



1969 LM1875 + 6J1 tube amplifier Using preamp Vacuum tube, large current low resistance transistor power amplifier combination to ensure that the circuit has enough dynamic, bandwidth, low distortion.front signal amplification 2 only 6J1 tube,

1969 HiFi amplifier, output Class-A power about 20W +20w 2 channel , 6J1 tube reference to the X-10D circuit structure improvement for the tube buffer. After the tube is buffered, the "digital style" and "transistor sound" can be effectively reduced, so that the whole sound system can bring a sweet and natural "Vocal music", rear LM1875 transistor power amplifier. and the sound is sweeter. sound purity and transparency, wide sound field with a variety of audio-visual production of a strong sense of body, voice and melodic sound gives a sense of elegance and full sound sense of hearing, lay smooth stretch, strength, speed and very low frequency elastic feel good about .

Note: There is a little current sound when the tube is turned on for 5 seconds, and the sound needs to wait for 3-5 minutes for the IC to reach normal working condition.


2 channel audio input. Can answer the phone, computer, MP3, CD and other audio equipment, do not need to add the other before, do not change the case of the sound quality will be much better than the general IC amplifier.

20-50W can push the speaker, 3-8 inch high and low units; the whole frequency is OK, the sensitivity must be higher than 90dB, otherwise the push does not move.

Amplifier type: HIFI

Power amplifier brand: Classic 1969

Whether the stage: HiFi

Channel: 2.0 output

Output power:class A 20W+20W

Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ

Harmonic distortion: 0.01%

Size: long 200MM* wide 256MM* high 80MM

Weight: 5 kg

Impedance: 4-8ohm

Package Included:

Amplifier 1PCS

Power cord 1PCS

Maximum Power Per Channel: 20W
Model Number: 1969
Package: Yes
Channels: 2 (2.0)


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