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50A 1969 Amplifier Rectifier Filter Board

50A 1969 Amplifier Rectifier Filter Board Kits 200W Large Current Signal Power Supply

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Product Description :

All options are need Welding Yourself.If you choose (No Capacitor Kits)will not include the filter Capacitor .
50A 1969 Amplifier Rectifier Filter Board Kits 200W Large Current Signal Power Supply 50V 63V Filter Capacitor
1.This board is a Single power supply high current rectifier filter circuit, compatible with a single power supply or dual power supply two transformers,
2.Board output with LED indicator, can be installed with four diameter up to 35mm feet 10mm capacitor, bridge pile for 50A pure copper feet Large current bridge heap with radiator.
3.High current input and output terminals, the output side with S'iemens EPCOS Melaleuca high-frequency filter firing capacitor, Suitable for 1969 small Class single power amplifier board. The circuit board adopts gold-plated double-sided blackboard, large current large copper cloth wiring, beautiful and generous.
4.PCB size: length 128mm / width 73mm.
5.Gold-plated double-sided black glass plate, thick 1.6mm, the quality is very good.
6.Warm Tip:The board output is a DC single power supply, and the output end is designed with two sets of terminal blocks. They are in parallel relationship. It is convenient to connect two power amplifier boards at the same time.
Please note that the input can be connected to a Dual Power Supply Transformer (K ​​disconnect), or a single power transformer (K ​​short), K point connection can not be wrong, wrong bridge reactor and transformer will heat up until burned! 
1PCS 50A rectifier filter Kits
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Model Number: 200W For 1969 Amplifier
Package: Yes
Brand Name: GHXAMP
Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER


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