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Dmc,Cross stitch,full embroidery,Cat with flowers umbrella,Anima ,White canvas 40x50cm,cotton thread,Diy,Needlework,kits

Dmc,Cross stitch,full embroidery,Cat with flowers umbrella,Anima ,White canvas 40x50cm,cotton thread,Diy,Needlework,kits

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Size of cloth:40X50cm (maybe 1-3CM error)

Picture size: About 34x44cm 

Full embroidered,White canvas  for cross-stitch, Canvas is not printed
14CT,2 strands of embroidery
Packing: Bag

Effect diagram

Cross Stitch 3-1

Have according to the pattern color good,

neat wear online board

Dmc cross stitch 1

The high-resolution color drawings.

Cross Stitch (2)-1

cross stitch embroidery


Cross Stitch -8

A line can be divided into 6 small strands of Spiraea, embroidered with 2 small Spiraea

Cross Stitch


Schematic diagram of acupuncture


Cross Stitch 4

Cross Stitch 5

Schematic diagram of acupuncture:
1. The cross stitch (X). Cross stitch to correspond to every square. The horizontal cross stitch can be used for embroidery.
2.  Half cross stitch (1/2X):
This stitch is only the first half of the needle embroider. For embroidery should be generally the right direction.
3.  Pin 1/4 (1/4X):
The upward embroidery in a location, and then in the middle of the yarn fabric downward embroidery. (1/4 pin for different directions)
4.  Hook: (B'ST):
The contour edges should be done after all the cross stitch, partially completed.
5.   Pin 3/4 (3/4X):
The 3/4 pin is composed of a 1/2 pin and a 1/4 pin.
7.   Ending
When completing a embroidery thread, just behind the cloth with a wire through the needle with a few stitches, and the remaining segments can be cut
8. French knot:
The needle from a position of left hand pull out, right hand needle from the outside in winding circle, then the needle from the just position put it back.
Matters needing attention of cross stitch embroidery
1, cross stitch specifications. 14ct embroidered with two strands, with a hook edge, 11CT embroidered with three strands, crochet with two stocks. 
2, stitch color. Drawings in color does not necessarily represent the actual colors of embroidery threads, and requires careful identification markings behind the line, by line number of embroidery embroidery line, lest wrong, resulting in waste of Kung Fu and embroider line shortage.
3, embroidery keep hands clean, and keep the cloth to clean.
The consistency of 4, direction. If the embroidery is from up to down and from left to right, it is always to obey the direction consistency.
5, find the center point. Embroidered, first find the center position began to embroider cloth. When embroidery to moderate elastic force uniform.
6, the horizontal continuous case, first to the right has been embroidered 1/2 needle back. Line direction consistent.
7, longitudinally continuous case, each to embroider cross shape can not be lazy downward embroidery.
8, when the needle, stitch have not be knotted in the back line, to be free in the past and are mutually pressed thrum thrum, pay attention not to tangle. To avoid the embroidery surface roughness.
9, crochet. Outline of the outline the purpose is to make work more distinctive, with 1 strands of thread generally use 2 strands, 3 strands with 2 strands of crochet.
10, cross stitch work before completion can not have water, water will make pattern melt. When the cross stitch work dirty, can be in after all embroidery works, use neutral detergent with cold water or warm water hand wash separately works, soak a few minutes, don't rub or squeeze, then take out the work on the thick towel clean, white, roll up the pressure to the excess water after drying for several hours. Then the upper and lower with white cloth clamp cross stitch cloth ironing. Note that the alignment of bad anti ironing temperature. Such as not framed, which is clamped on a book or other smooth place to prevent works crumpled, dirty or again

Pattern Type: Animal
Type: Package
Use: Paintings
Canvas Packing Method: Folded
Material: 100% COTTON
Style: Modern
Frame: No
External Packaging: Paper Bag
Size of cloth: 40x50cm
USE: The hotel conference room living room bedroom den office
Fabric Type: Cotton
Theme: Anima
DIY Needlework:: DMC Cross-stitch
Counted Cross Stitch:: Home Decor
Counted Cross Stitch Kits:: Hobby and Craft
Embroidery Cross:: DMC


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