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DAC Decoder PCM2706 TDA1305 USB Amp USB Sound Card
DAC Decoder PCM2706 TDA1305 USB Amp USB Sound Card
DAC Decoder PCM2706 TDA1305 USB Amp USB Sound Card
DAC Decoder PCM2706 TDA1305 USB Amp USB Sound Card

DAC Decoder PCM2706 TDA1305 USB Amp USB Sound Card

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PCM2706 DAC TDA1305 decoder amp USB sound card headphone amplifier



PCM2706+TDA1305DAC decoder USB sound card HIFI amp Computer notebook integrated sound card upgrade (USB power supply, no external power supply)
Features :
USB connection input: two output modes, generally only connected to the analog output interface, the coaxial output is basically not used.
Analog output mode: can be connected to amplifier, preamp, active speakers, amp headphones, etc. The switch is selected at the position of A, and the device input line is connected to the analog output interface.
Coaxial output mode: the switch is selected at the position of C, the coaxial output port is connected to the coaxial input of another device, and the connecting wire can be connected with the line of 3.5-turn double lotus head, and any one of the white or red head can be inserted. It is ok to the coaxial input.


USB chip uses pcm2706, with I2S output  DAC decoding TDA1305T

The input interface is a USB port. After connecting directly to the computer, the driver is automatically installed. After the driver is installed, the original sound card is shielded and easy to use.
The output interface is two 3.5mm jacks for reliable contact. One hole can be connected to the front stage and the power amplifier through the 3.5-turn RCA signal line, and the other hole can be inserted into the earphone at the same time, which is convenient and practical.
Output level: 1.5V RMS
Note: The volume is adjusted in the computer (audio player). When using the headphones, please turn down the volume to prevent damage to the headphones!
Because the USB receiving chip is susceptible to external interference, when the high-power electric appliance or the relatively large electromagnetic radiation is frequently used, the G2 may not work normally: silent or noisy. Generally, the USB cable is unplugged. Wait 3-5 seconds and plug it in again.
1Pcs  board




Dimensions (W x H x D): 82*50mm
DSD Sampling Frequencies: None
D/A Converter: TDA1305T
PCM Word Length: 16-bit
Outputs: 3.5 mm
PCM Sampling Frequencies: 44.1 kHz
Bluetooth: No
Model Number: PCM2706
Inputs: USB Type-A
Type: Portable
Material: Plastic
Input Format: line out
Brand Name: LUSYA
USB Compatibility: Windows 7
Output level : 1.5V RMS

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