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Customized ~IC, MCU, CPU, various chip master keychains
Customized ~IC, MCU, CPU, various chip master keychains

Customized ~IC, MCU, CPU, various chip master keychains

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Product Description :
Hand-made IC, Arm, CPU, iphone chip master control integrated circuit resin decoration collection

For specific order, please consult.
Pure manual dismantling and opening cover display all kinds of digital electronic chips such as #ic, cpu, arm, mobile phone, camera, walkman, industrial control, etc.
Can be used as desktop decoration, learning, viewing, display
Resin solid seal can be stored for a long time;

Retain the gold wire and the bracket to fully display the internal structure of the chip.

The processing process is more complicated and complicated, and the customization and processing take a long time.
(a small studio built purely by personal hobbies, small but serious)

Please understand the following instructions:
First, the services provided:
The encapsulation and disassembly of the plastic chip, the transparent packaging of the resin, the effect reference picture, please consult for more details;
Ceramic chips can not be processed, flip-chip structures (such as CPU.GPU) chips can be done, but the processing takes a long time, can be received, and the delivery time is longer)

Second, the chip resin package size (thickness):
1 Akasaka chip (single chip processing, no resin, suitable for free creation)
2 sheets 5mm (suitable for microscope observation)
3 thick piece 10~15mm (suitable for decoration, magnifying glass observation, stereoscopic observation)
4 ornaments 25mm (suitable for decoration, play, too thick will affect the observation)

Third, the resin size (length and width):
1 default 35mmX35mm
2 custom sizes

Fourth, the custom cycle: generally 10~14 days or so

Fifth, the way the sample is obtained:
The owner is looking for: the chip model is thousands, it is difficult to find it, but will try its best
The owner has finished products from time to time, please pay attention to the store release
Sixth, the price: you can send the relevant size, picture inquiry;
The bid price is the deposit. After the order is placed, the details of the order will be communicated in time, and the production process will be started after confirming the price payment.




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