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ants workshop from mail Ant farm

Authentic Ant farm Birthday present pet villa Home queen ants workshop from mail Ant farm

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Product Description :

Title Authentic ant farm Birthday present pet villa Home queen ants workshop from mail
Color classification Sky blue white pink purple green, yellow

1, product material: PS/acrylic + gel

2, size: 110 x110x110mm (ant effective workspace about 20 centimeters, pure manual quantity is error, please see picture)

3, product color: blue, green, yellow, purple, mei red, amber and other options

4, product configuration: 1 ant farm, magnifying glass, 1 1 the tweezers, straw and so on

5, dosage of gel fastidious, high transparency, to grow plants, is not only a toy but also a good article!

The ant farm have enough work area for the ants to dig tunnels, meet the needs of the big players to observe area, at present the large ant workshop on market a maximum length of 18 cm, the effective length and our ant farm in 20 cm


A, received the goods the first step is to put the ants, please follow the instructions on the ants method.

In general in your ordered products, we will have a tube attached to the ants, ants left tube of a head of inserted in the ant farm at the top or side of a hole, waiting to ants climb in, can also with the help of stick a tool to push the other side of the pipe of the ant ant ant quickly into the manor. , of course, you can own wild catch ants, for the ants climb to the top of paper or stick, and then shake into the ant farm, don't directly by hand to catch the ants, the ants easily injured, helpless, if you have ant ant can be put in the refrigerator freezer 5 ~ 10 minutes, the ants will become slow, pay attention to the temperature too low, time cannot too long, to avoid ants freeze to death.

Second, the link

Send us the two links of pipe up and down hole on each link up and down can be realized. Tube is our extra bonus, like plugging it according to oneself, also can not insert. Commodities have design communication pipeline inside itself.

Third, feeding

Cut the food into small pieces and feed clamp with forceps food from the area at the top of the holes, the ants eat very few, but he will also be stored food. A week after receiving the goods can be appropriate to feed a little, a 1-2 grain of soybean volume, 1-2 times a week is ok, the ant like juicy sweet food.

Four, feed water

Dropper water absorption and distribution of products through the water droplets in the feed water at the top of the hole, feed water can store water, so can only 1 ~ 2 times a week, keep the feed water with clean water for the use of the ant, the feed water into the wet cotton can prevent moisture evaporation, also can prevent lead to overflow in ants moving castle. This generally also can not do, of course, because the gel itself contains water and nutrients, ants after their dig holes can be to eat.

Five, moisturizing

Take a small amount of cotton soaked in clean water, with water absorption after feeding area directly into the middle moisturizing device, usually can use straws by feeding area at the top of the hole to protect wet cotton hydrated, stay healthy for the ant nest room temperature.

Six, switch workspaces

When need to replace or clean workspace gel, ants can be back to the living quarters (also known as feeding area), and then open the lid of the ant farm work area, with a plug or paper and cotton will work to OuDeTong crossing plug to prevent ants crawling around. If you need to clean up the living quarters, and can also be ants first back to the workspace (gel), and then plug each apertures, so that it can be in clean living area and avoid the ants climb back to operation.

Seven, rubbish

There are three living areas on both sides and bottom plug plug holes, these holes in addition to expand connections with, can also be used to to death of ants, and ants nest interior life waste generated in the simple cleaning. Open the hole on the wall plug and tilt the ant farm waste from orifice poured out, also can with the help of a small stick, tweezers toothpicks and other tools to clean up the garbage near the orifice, when operating, please do a good job step 6 in case the ant ran out.

Eight, living areas clean

In accordance with the first step 6 the ants arrived at the workspace, and then the workspace channels blocked, prevent the ant ran back to the living quarters, then the living area at the top of the lid main unplug a thorough cleaning. Ants are generally prefer to clean, so the nest room rarely need to be cleaned.

Special note: : :

Type: Insects
Material: Plastic
Color classification: Sky blue white pink purple green, yellow

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