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Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD
70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD  8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO
70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD  8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO
70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD  8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO
70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD  8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO
70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD  8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO
70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD  8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO

70A 100A 150A 200A 300A Bluetooth Battery BMS With LCD 8S-24S LiFePo4/7S -24S Li-ion/10S -24S LTO

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BMS battery pack protection board function description:

Support :

7S -24S li-ion battery (24V-102V Lithium battery cell)
8S -24S lifePo4 battery (24V-88V Lithium iron phosphate battery cell)
10S -24S LTO battery (24V-68V Lithium titanate battery cell)
The default is the li-ion parameters. when you phone connect bluetooth , can click and set up Li-ion lifePo4 / LTO parameters
Single cell voltage detection range 1V-4.6V. High precision detection cell voltage error is less than 5MA
Charging current 50A
Discharge current: 70A 100A 150A 200A 300A to choose
Balance current :200MA . Controlled equalization mode, when the charging is started, the pressure difference can be detected by the detected pressure difference to be greater than the set value.
High-precision coulomb counter function temperature control detection Hall speed measurement

1. Protection board support 8-24 cells any battery pack (lithium titanate, iron lithium, ternary, Li-ion , Lipo,lifepo4 etc.) (greater than 18v)
2. Battery voltage detection, voltage detection range 1-5v (less than 1v and higher than 5v can not be detected), high precision, integrated error of less than 5mv, applicable to all the voltage within the scope of the battery pack used, overshoot Protection, over discharge protection voltage can be set within this range.
3. With a controlled equalization method, the charge can be balanced by detecting that the differential pressure is greater than the set value.
4. Current measurement (support within 300a current measurement)
5. High-precision coulometer function, based on the current on the time integral, accurate calculation of the remaining battery capacity, charge and so on.
6. Support Android phone set different battery parameters, see the single voltage and current information
7. Support the screen shows the battery status, parameters, each unit voltage
8. Based on the motor Hall pulse detection speed, and can calculate the remaining mileage
9. Independent 6-way temperature measurement, you can set the temperature over-temperature protection value
10. Dual independent watchdog real-time monitoring program plus two protection, never crash!

11. Screen power supply 24V-150V

11.Protection board size: Length 15.5CM    Width 7CM    Thickness 2.5CM

bluetooth smart bmsbms 48vbms for lithium batterybms lifepo4bms ltobmslithium titanate bmslto bms


The balance wire  connects the positive electrode + of the battery pack from the right to the left
1+ is the location of the first cell wire
2+ is the location of the second cell wire
If battery cell is not full enough 24S, ignore it 
After connecting the wires, connect Bluetooth to set the battery parameters and the number of cells to use









 It is strictly forbidden to separate the main board from the power board when the protection board is charged. Please disconnect B+ or B- before disconnecting the main board and the power board, and unplug the equalization line! Otherwise it will burn the protection board! ! !
About the start and close buttons:
1. If the protection board is shut down due to abnormal power failure, just press the button to start the BMS.
2. During normal operation of the protection board, press and hold this button for more than 5 seconds, then release the button, the protection board will automatically turn off the power, stop working, zero power consumption, short press can realize the display of the matching protection board matching screen.
3. Protection board If the discharge tube is not turned on for more than 5 minutes, the protection board will automatically turn off the main power supply, stop working, and zero power consumption.
4. If the BMS power is turned off because of the 2nd and 3rd reasons, you need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to start the normal operation of the protection board.
5. If the matching display is connected, press this button shortly to switch the screen display.
6. Please ensure good insulation of the power button, otherwise the BMS power may not be automatically turned off.
About onboard Bluetooth:
1. After the BMS works normally, Bluetooth is activated and you can search and connect at this time:
 Name: BMS_ANT Pairing password: 1234
Idea: After BMS is on standby, the Bluetooth power will be automatically turned off (if Bluetooth is connected, it will not be turned off), Bluetooth cannot be connected at this time (automatic standby defaults to no current for 3 minutes), can be discharged, or charged, BMS After the current is detected, the standby will be automatically released and Bluetooth will be turned back on. Before searching for Bluetooth signals, please make sure that the BMS is not on standby. If it is not found at one time, please try it multiple times.
 Protection board calibration:
 1. Monomer voltage calibration: It can be adjusted by “system reference voltage” (default 3.0 or so), and slowly increase and decrease by 0.001, and the monomer voltage value can be changed until accurate!
2. Total pressure calibration: You can change the total pressure by adjusting the “total pressure calibration parameter” (default 3330 or so) to change the total pressure until it is accurate!
3. Current calibration: You can change the current by adjusting the “current sensor range” and slowly change the current until it is accurate!
  Note: Please do not change the “Power Start Current” item in the parameter setting. If it is too large, it may cause the MOS tube to be burned and discharged! ! !
 About the automatic equalization function:
 The automatic equalization function is mainly a function set for the battery difference. The user must use the battery when it is fully charged or near full. When the battery is almost fully charged, unplug the charger and click " Automatic equalization", the protection board will automatically equalize until the battery pack pressure difference is less than 0.001, or the user clicks "automatic equalization" again to turn off, whether the automatic equalization is turned on or off can switch the screen to "system status" to view "equalization" "Status, if "Auto EQ" is displayed, it means that automatic equalization is in progress!

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