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6E2 TUbe Amplifier Audi Board Tuning Indicator level Line Double Panel Electron Valve Bile Preamp

6E2 TUbe Amplifier Audi Board Tuning Indicator level Line Double Panel Electron Valve Bile Preamp

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Tube 6E2,Tuning indication level circuit: adjustable sensitivity, connect to power supply, signal source can work,Double panel,
The wires to be connected on the board are: 230V AC high voltage two lines, 6.3V AC filament two lines, signal input two lines.
Special attention should be paid: the circuit board 230V AC high voltage can not be connected to the mains 220V, it is very dangerous and unsafe, and it must be connected to the isolation voltage of the secondary transformer.
The circuit consists of a tuning indicator tube 6E2 (also called an electro-ocular tube) and related circuits. The signal is taken from the output voltage of the preamp or power amplifier, and the electron target of the tube is driven after step-down rectification.
The screen area of ​​6E2 is proportional to the signal size. When there is no signal, the area of ​​light emission is the smallest. When the signal is strong, the left and right bands of light expand from both sides to the center until they overlap. Under the excitation of alternating signals,
The eye of the 6E2 changes with the signal, and the green electric eye shines, adding more color to the amp. Compared to the electromagnetic pointer type VU meter, the device is simple and economical. It not only shows the output power of the amplifier, but also the power amplifier circuit. Problems such as power supply and load can also be displayed from its electric eyes. If the electric eye has a large fluctuation and the horn sounds small, it means that the load is too light and the impedance does not match. An electric eye has a display and a silent speaker indicates that the load is open. The electric eye has light but does not follow signal fluctuations. It means there is a problem with the power amplifier or the input signal; the electric eye is open but does not fluctuate, reflecting the self-excitation of the power amplifier. For example, the electric eye has no light to prove the power system Faults, etc.
The power consumption of the tuning indicator tube 6E2 is only about 2W, which does not burden the power supply of the amplifier. For those enthusiasts who are interested in this, the “VU meter” can be used for the power amplifier. For R, L indicative of the size of the channel output level adjustment and the degree of balance is very simple,
Is under load when the input signal is a give channel (signal generator or treble can borrow signal CD audio discs in the test), adjust the volume so that the rated power amplifier output. Then adjust the W so that the two light emitting tubes of the 6E2 can be brought into close contact or slightly overlapped. This is accomplished by adjusting the other channel again in the same way.
1pcs board +1pc 6j1 tube
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