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1W 5V minimum Tesla coil Mini Tesla coil
1W 5V minimum Tesla coil Mini Tesla coil
1W 5V minimum Tesla coil Mini Tesla coil
1W 5V minimum Tesla coil Mini Tesla coil

1W 5V minimum Tesla coil Mini Tesla coil

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Product Description :

Price do not include the power band , please know it 

also do not inclue the cap LED 

Tesla coil its essence is series resonant transformer, using a Tesla coil can produce ultra high voltage but low current, high frequency AC power, as the circuit is open, the secondary will launch high strength high frequency electromagnetic wave, which can achieve a lot of magical effect.

This product uses 5V power supply with a Watts of power produced by the Tesla coil to produce high voltage low current high frequency, can be easily lit fluorescent lamp, the realization of wireless transmission test.






Can be hidden in the box, resulting in a blurred wireless transmission of the effect of the electric field



Related parameters


Main material: acrylic, QA enameled wire, and a light emitting diode triode SS8050


We give the circuit diagram of our design for lovers imitation, 100% successful!

Product size:Height 75* diameter 25mm, giving a small 2600mAH mobile power

The use of 2600mAH mobile power supply in the case of full power, can be used continuously for more than 2An hour!



A set of products:

Tesla coil finished a set (including charging treasure power), a stainless steel ball, a video of the presentation of the neon bulb 2



matters needing attention

This product is different from the traditional large power of the Tesla coil has the following characteristics:

1 small size, the use of 5V can be connected to the USB port power supply.


2 will not generate the arc of the air discharge, with good conductor near the top can produce 1mm arc, not due to electric shock injury, very safe!

3. It is suggested that in the Tesla coil without hand near the coil or holding a Tesla coil, because the hand as a good guide experience let coil to form a good circuit, for Tesla coil in the then current becomes large, then demonstrate the effect of variable or can't demonstrate the difference! Please note!


Relevant principle explanation:

Wireless transmission principle: with a coil at both ends of the two ends of the LED, near the launch device, LED will be lit, the principle is resonant wireless transmission.

The principle of fluorescent lamp: Tesla coil secondary to the issue of high intensity electromagnetic waves,When inert gas in the lamp tube under high pressure ionization, the formation of gaseous conduction current, movement of gas ion in between mercury atomic collisions and continuously to the mercury atomic energy, the mercury atoms extranuclear always from low orbit transition to high orbit. After mercury atoms extranuclear because with higher energy will spontaneously from high earth orbit to low earth orbittransition, in the form of photon outward to release energy, also due to atomic mercury atomic features of general line mostly concentrated in the UV region. The result shows that the mercury released photons most in the ultraviolet region, between the impact of these high energy ultraviolet and fluorescent powder produced white (or the other colors of light, depending on the fluorescent powder Yan


Type: Air Conditioner Parts

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