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16S 60V li ion Smart bms or 48V Lifepo4 battery bluetooth pcb with uart communication with 30A to 50A current

16S 60V li ion Smart bms or 48V Lifepo4 battery bluetooth pcb with uart communication with 30A to 50A current

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  Notes : this BMS can work for 16S Li ion or 16S Lifepo4 Battery Pack with 30A~50A Constant current , and it 

includes a Bluetooth Communication Module and Connection Wire with Connector ,Client can also choose

PC communication Module based on your demand separately .please know it kindly in Advance . 

A.  Application : This is The PCB for 16 series 60V(67.2v) Li ion or 48V(58.4V) Lifepo4  battery pack with 30A~ 50A

constant discharge current  and charging current  .the charge and discharge port is same . Size :Max100*90*15 mm,

it has communication functions with your android Mobile Or PC computer . 

  B.  Features :

  1) Flexible application for different Lithium ion or Lifepo4 Battery type by setting parameters Via PC or Bluetooth  Module

   2)  Protection parameters setting : Over-charge protection voltage , Over-discharge protection voltage ,Over-charge

and over-discharge release voltage ,Battery series Setting on Software etc 

  3) With APP software system to monitor the battery healthy visibly and conveniently , and some parameters even can 

be set via Bluetooth APP software . 

 4) With High temperature protection to offer a safer working gurantee for your battery . 

 5) Harware components :

     This BMS has applied with high quality IC chip specially for lithium battery protection purpose .highly detection

precision degree on over-charge,over-discharge,voltage balancing ,and with detection on wires disconnection functions,

with three layers of over-discharge and over-current detections and delay times in detecting process.( Over-current 1,

over current 2,short cicircuit protection ) . short-circuit of charging port ,with two layers protection against over-voltage

when charging :

And we can design and produce Battery protection circuit board in according to client's demand with certain

reasonable order quantity .



Main functions

Specification reference

For default Lifepo4 Battery Application :

Specfication smart module Lifepo4

For 16S lithium Ion Battery Application :

Smart BMS Li ion Module








Computer Communication display Pages .and What you can do with the PC communication tool ?

(15S is the only example for parameter setting , do not try to set any unreasonable parameters based on your thinking without 

considering our BMS feeling , your vehicle will dead if you let our BMS angry surely, he will reject to work for you , please consult us 

once you want to set any prarameters on yourside . otherwise , we will not take any responsiblity for the damage of our BMS)

PC tool Operation

With PC and Bluetooth Module





With Bluetooth module ,you can do this job on your side as below :




With Bluetooth Module




About us

Accessory Type: Battery Accessories
Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: SP20S001-16S
Application: 16S Li ion or Lithium Battery application
Constant current: 30A to 50A
Charge and discharge port: Same
Accessories: with cable and connector and Bluetooth Module

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