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16S 48V 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A  BMS Battery Management System PCM PCB for Lifepo4 Battery Pack With Balance

16S 48V 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A BMS Battery Management System PCM PCB for Lifepo4 Battery Pack With Balance

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16S 48V Detail Parameter Unit
Discharge Maximal Continuous Discharging Current  15 20 30 40 50 60 A
Peak Discharging Current 65±10 65±10 165±30 165±30 180±30 200±30 A
Internal Resistance MOSFET ≤20 ≤20 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Charge Charging Voltage 60 V
Charging Current 10 10 20 30 40 50 A
Over charge protection Over Charge Detection Voltage  3.75±0.05 V
Over Charge Detection Delay Time 1 S
Over Charger Release Voltage  3.55±0.05 V
Cell balancing Cell balancing Detection Voltage 3.5 V
Cell balancing Release Voltage 3.5 V
Cell balancing Current 30±5 mA
Over discharge protection Over Discharge Detection Voltage 2.2±0.1 V
Over Discharge Detection Delay Time 1 S
Over Discharger Release Voltage 2.7±0.1 V
Over current protection Over Current Detection Delay Time 1 mS
Over Current Protection Release Condition Disconnect the load  
Short Protection Detection Condition Exterior Short Curcuit  
Detection Delay Time 250 uS
Release Condition Disconnect the load  
Temperature Protection Temperature Protection Charge<-5 or >50 Discharge>70
Self-consumption Working current 100 uA
Sleeping current(over discharge) 20 uA
Working Temperature Temperature Range -20~70
Storage Temperature Temperature Range -40~80
Size 15A(63*50*9mm)   20A(63*50*12mm)   30A-40A(61*80*12mm)     50A-60A(61*80*16mm)  
LFP-164860 (1)LFP-164860 (2)LFP-164860 (3)

LFP-164845 (4)LFP-164845 (5)LFP-164845 (6)


1) Should strictly follow the connection steps as the diagram.

2) Double check the connection is right. The connect it to battery pack “+” “-”

3) We are not responsible for the defectives caused by wrong connection.

E-fire BMS


1.What is the common port and separate port? what is the difference?

We take 13S48V16A BMS as an example, common port 16A means your charge cathode and discharge cathode are connected in the same point end(our P-), charge cathode and discharge cathode are used in the common connection port, so the charge current and discharge current are the same 16A. while the separate port is separately connected by charge cathode (C-) and discharge cathode (P-),  so the charge current and discharge current are different, discharge current 16A, charge current 8A.


2.What is the balance function?

The working principle and function are as followings, when your one cell voltage is up to alarm voltage(Li-ion up to 4.18V, Life Po4 up to (3.6V), then the cell Balance starts to work, balance resistance starts discharge with 35ma(when balance discharge starts to work, BMS will starts a little heat up, which is the normal reflection), the cell is in both charging and discharging status, and others which are not reached to alarm voltage(Li-ion 4.18V, Life Po43.6V)are only in charging status, no discharging, when the fast cell voltage is reached to alarm voltage(Li-ion 4.25V, Life Po43.75V)BMS starts off power protection, all the other cells are all in stop of charging, this process will enable your battery charging in balance current, and your battery voltage are in balance status, but when your cell voltage difference are in a big range, then balance can not be functioning.



3.The relationship between Battery capacity and BMS current?

There is no direct relationship between  Battery capacity and BMS current, big capacity doesn’t mean a big battery, but rely on continue current, that is to say if your engine is powerful, your should choose high current of BMS, it is not relied on battery capacity.


4. What type of charger should  I choose?

Lithium battery must choose specific charger, do not use Charger for Lead acid battery, for lead acid charger may have MOS with high pressure breakdown protection, which will not protect of BMS over charge.Life Po4 battery charger voltage=battery string No.X3.6V, while Li-ion battery charger voltage=Battery string No.X4.2V.


5. What current BMS should I choose ?

Take 10S36V as an example: what current BMS you choose is relied on your E-bicycle Motor power and current limitation of controller. eg., choose 16A for below 350W, 25A for below500W, 35A for below 800W, 60A for Below 1000W, higher than 1200W are contact with our service specialist for suggestions, one in all, continue current shall be higher than current limitation in Controller.


6. Whether my BMS damaged?

if you want to judge if the BMS is damaged, please take the following steps, to test if each cell voltage is the same with voltmeter? if the cell voltage difference is over 1.0V, the fault is displayed that it cannot run far, no power supply at the start range, short charge time, all these issues are almost caused by battery cells, if BMS damaged is displayed as no charge, no discharge, no discharge while the battery has Voltage

Accessory Type: Battery Accessories
Model Number: BMS-16S
Application: 3.2V Lifepo4 battery
Battery Series: 16S
over charge protection: yes
short circuit protection: yes
over discharge voltage: yes
constant charge current: 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A
With Balance Function: yes

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