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Tesla Coil Kit, DIY Technology,
Tesla Coil Kit, DIY Technology, Wireless Transmission, Lighting, Arc Drawing, Arc Spraying
Tesla Coil Kit, DIY Technology, Wireless Transmission, Lighting, Arc Drawing, Arc Spraying
Tesla Coil Kit, DIY Technology, Wireless Transmission, Lighting, Arc Drawing, Arc Spraying

Tesla Coil Kit, DIY Technology, Wireless Transmission, Lighting, Arc Drawing, Arc Spraying

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Update video,Computer tour!

Baby to sell, has sold more than 200 pieces, quality, service, comprehensive protection, and escalating!Arc reaching10cm+(buyers tuned to 15cm!).

All goods, photographed 24 hours delivery,If you have any questions, please harass our customer service. We will try our best to answer it for you at the first time!

small-scale Spark gapTesla coil Kit Technology productionWireless power transmission with an air separation lamp100W or so

SimplestSpark gapTesla coil production kit, suitable for novice students, making it difficult,Take a picture and send detailsin personMake a copy of the information, do not know where the customer service hand guide! Hundred church!!

File extraction address link: password: consulting customer service

The new version of the lighter, lighter lighter, easy to adjust the spark gap, long life, Taobao design the most reasonable fire scheme!!!

Include:A setZVSPower pack (including high quality PCB empty board),470Ω 2W resistor2branch

10KΩ 1W resistance 2,12V zener diode 2,1000V 1A fast recovery diode2 branch,Imported200V 33A 180W IRFP250 2(aIRFP250 field effect tube for refurbishmentPinProducts, and almost the same as new, use without any impact)0.3μ F high quality resonant capacitor 2,100uH inductance 1)

A new set of lighter

An elementary shelf

Four 10*10*100mm pine pillars

Two pieces of 150*150*3mm board

1 meters 1mm diameter pure copper enameled wire

A 6cm stainless steel ball with a diameter of 304

A TV high pressure bag

A rolled second (about 24cm high in diameter, 4CM in diameter, 0.2MM in about 1100 laps)

10individualNew and original electromagnetic oven capacitor 0.3UF, +-5%, 1200V

10 1M ohm resistors

Self supply (DC 12V-24V) is required

Do not the basis of friends shot, works need electric iron, glue gun and other tools, best original electronic welding experience, take the default hands-on, not to say that after the receipt of goods without ability of producers to provide return service, for returns, return postage required to take care of themselves!!!

Please note that!!Because of not understanding the principles, production methods, and their own lack of practical ability and other reasons, can not complete the production, can not support returns and give bad reviews. Take the default, I hope we can understand.

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