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Tesla coil Kit
Tesla coil Kit
Tesla coil Kit
Tesla coil Kit

Tesla coil Kit

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Product Description :

Mini Tesla coil small package, simple production, hands-on training, production interest, there are video tutorials, the only requirement will use the soldering iron and know a few simple components can be welded. A few simple discrete components can work well. The welding arc is about 2MM input voltage for 12V radio transmission can have arc, taking LED lit neon flash tube, LED coil, DIY lovers can give some fun. Note that the arc will generate heat affection not Yo directly by hand to touch to prevent burns. 

3.5x5x1.6PCB board, a monolithic capacitor, a 10K 1K resistor, one LED, two 12V power outlets, a heat sink, a triode, a secondary coil, a fixed screw, one.

2 resistor

Resistance, 10K and 1K resistance should not be connected wrong, otherwise it will damage the switch tube, do not know how to read the color ring, please use multimeter measurement shall prevail.

LED long foot, positive pole, short foot, negative pole

LED welding position and polarity

The triode is fixed on the heat sink

Welding resistance 10K and power supply seat

Welding, monolithic capacitor, LED position

Install secondary coil first secondary coil with a knife scrape the paint

Go through the center hole

Welding with center solder joint

Secure secondary coils with glue guns

Self owned 12V1A power test

Test results LED full light, arcing

The arc ignites the pape

Metal balls or other metal objects can be added

Turn off the energy saving lamps, LED neon bulbs and so on

Please note before placing the order, see the assembly in the image and text, make sure you can complete it. This small production is very simple, you need some basic knowledge, parameter identification and components, the owner does not understand the technology, so you can not give technical support, please do not Make the owner embarrassed.

Type: Air Conditioner Parts

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