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Iphone mobile phone original data line knowledge sharing and use tips

Everyone may have bought a lot of data lines.
There is a product win (most of the products are 3 pieces without mfi
Purple rice, mfi chip code is c48,
Green Union, etc.

Of course, more people choose 9.9 products because they are cheaper.
But in fact, Apple's original data line is a lot of fakes,
The reason is due to cost and market customer demand,
Apple's original core e75 chip code nx20p3. Bq2025 chip,
In verifying the match and identifying the Apple protocol,In fact, from Apple 6, mobile phones are supporting 2a fast charge, if you have 2a millet charger in your home, or Huawei charger, you can use those chargers with Apple data cable, of course, you can also recommend 10w charger The most cost-effective,Because the 5w charger is not stable and compact, the charging is not fast, although it can reach a peak of 1.35a.

Second, the service life:

1. Avoid using it for a long time when not in use, and the data cable head is wet, causing the contact to blacken, the blackening of the contact also follows the tail gap of the mobile phone, or the dust gap, usually the fourth point is black, because The fourth point is the voltage input point. If it is black, you can try to wipe it clean and you can use it normally.At the same time, using a small toothbrush to clean the tail hole is also very helpful for the use of accessories and maintenance of the phone.

2. In use, long-term bending of the plug head, resulting in broken skin broken, this is a common problem, rubber skin aging repeated bending, easy to break the line can not be used,

3. Using the original line, the advantage is not only fast, stable, but also effective ic can avoid voltage instability, and then power off, protect your mobile phone, and there will be no battery efficiency caused by forced charging.
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