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15S Li-ion or Lifepo4 Battery Smart BMS with Bluetooth Communication And PC software PCB board with 100A constant current
15S Li-ion or Lifepo4 Battery Smart BMS with Bluetooth Communication And PC software PCB board with 100A constant current
15S Li-ion or Lifepo4 Battery Smart BMS with Bluetooth Communication And PC software PCB board with 100A constant current

15S Li-ion or Lifepo4 Battery Smart BMS with Bluetooth Communication And PC software PCB board with 100A constant current

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1) Application : This is The PCB for 15 series lithium ion or Lifepo4 battery pack with 100A constant discharge current and charging current . the charge and disc​​​​​​​​​harge port is same . Size :Max138*102*17 mm 2) Protection functions : This BMS has applied with high quality IC chip specially for lithium battery protection purpose .highly detection precision degree on over charge,over-discharge,voltage balancing ,and with detection on wires disconnection functions, with three layers of over-discharge and over-current detections and delay times in detecting process.( Over-current 1, over current 2,short cicircuit protection ) . short-circuit of charging port ,with two layers protection against over-voltage when charging : 3) With Mobile phone operation software systme to manage the detecting the battery working status and some parameters setting . also this board can be available for the PC operation and Parameters setting on the computer . 4) Accessoires : Buyer can choose BMS with different accessories at different cost , one type include a Bluetooth Module and one type includes PC and Bluetooth Module together , please know it kindly in advance .

Default parameters

This default value was set by us as below pictures , Client can leave a message to us for parameters setting suggestions for better metering precision purpose . such parameters will be prefered for the parameters setting A. Battery Capacity B. Charge and discharge protection values in according to your cell specification .... etc . we will not adjust the parameters if the buyers suggested parameters has the possiblity to harm our BMS and Your Battery , please understand it kindly . We will send the BMS with our default parameters value to our buyer if without any message with the order , please know it kindly in advance and thanks for your support kindly .

Inside Pictures

Build with High quality components with this BMS

What PC communication module do for your application

With PC communicaton module , you can set some basic protection parameters the same with APP software ,and besides the setting scope , PC Module will extended the parameters setting ,such as battery series setting Cell's voltage calibration . some battery information input in according to the below pictures, client can choose

New Android APP

with New Android APP buyer can set parameters as below picture

Connection instructions

Notice of connection : A. Firstly ,Please connect bold wires from B- port of the BMS to the negative port of the battery pack .(B- wire should be as short as possible ) ,then connect these voltage detection wires (Please take off these wires from the BMS before connecting these wires to the battery to avoid any connection mistakes ) B. Second ,Please start connect these balance wires to the Battery system from BC0 ,Black thin wire should be connected to the battery negative , and the second wire -white wire BC1 should be connect to the positive port of the first series cell . BC2 should connect to the positive port of second series cell ,and BC3 wire to the third cell’s positive ….connection in this way in order one by one till to the last cell postive port C. Third . After connection of these balance wires finished , please measure connector voltage from each Neighbouring wires ,the voltage between each neighbouring wires for Li ion battery should be less than 4V and for Lifepo4 Battery should be less than 3.5V ,after confirmation of these wires connection order , you can plug cable connector into the BMS .–wrong connection order will damage our BMS surely . please be carefully with this step . D. Finally , connect C- wire as negative of charge and discharge , B+ wire as positive of charge and discharge , those wires should use bold wire to make connection for large current distribution purpose . then please comparing the voltage from the BMS and voltage directly from the Battery to see if they are the same or not . if they are the same value . your connection is correct , otherwise terrible things will happend !!!


Q: Where can I get the APP and PC software ,Connection diagram ,user instructions ? Answer : Buyer can Donload them in according to our appointed link for all of them without problems

Q: Quality policy Our BMS has passed full test before the shipment , we offered 12 Months quality warranty time for our product if there is any defects resulted from design and manufacturing defects . we will offer free replacment due to that reason . Hower , if the defect resulted from any salvery application , or wrong connection without following our structions correctly , we will not afford the responsibility for that reason .but we can still offer free repair serivce for our Buyer , Buyer should afford shipment cost of double trip . also for some key components cost if the board damaged very seriously

Q: I am a fresh person who bigin the battery assembly without pack experience .how can I assembly it with your instructions . If the user has no skills of making battery connection , do not buy it ,unless you find any person who can undersnd our connection diagram . wrong connection can damage our BMS , we can not use our product for your experiment purpose , Battery assembly needs sufficiently skill,otherwise it will be big problem for both of us .

Q: How can I get some basic technical support ? Client can contact us for some technical support via Aliexpress or other ways ,we will repson every questions within 24 hours without problems at most .

Q: Tarrif and shipment issues We will ship the BMS inaccording to the select shipment ways by our buyer ,and buyer should take full responsibility for the custom clearance job with our support if needs , we will not afford any other custom duty and extra fee occured at buyer side .

Q: About feedback : 5stars feeback are welcome , but if there is any problems with our product , please cotact us in advance before lodging dispute , we would like to solve any problems in a friendly ways . please help us and we will help you mutually without any problems , thanks in advance for all clients from aboard

Origin: CN(Origin)
Condition: New
Type: Voltage Regulator
Model Number: SP150003B
Application: 14S Intelligent BMS system
Supply Voltage: 63V or 54.75V
Dissipation Power: less than 25UA
is_customized: Yes
Item: 15S Li ion Or Lifepo4 smart BMS
Constant discharge current: 100A
Function: with Communication functions
Charge and discharge: the same charge and charge port
Size: 138*102*17mm
Balance function: With
High temperature deteciton: With

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