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 Sanken A1216-JLH1969 Single-Ended

PNP Sanken A1216-JLH1969 Single-Ended A-Class Post-amplifier Kit 10W + 10W

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Product Description :

PNP Sanken A1216 JLH1969-Power Amplifier 10 W + 10 W Complete
This is a very good Class A amplifier kit with excellent dynamic performance, excellent low frequency and flexible low frequency.
PCB size: 75X50X1.6mm 1 ounce copper
Recommended input voltage: DC25V only
Transformer power is above 80VA,
Output power 10 W + 10 W (4 ohms)
This is a DIY kit, all components need to be soldered and adjusted, and we can provide adjustment instructions via email.
1: Structure mono, easy to use on both sides of the chassis heat sink for better heat dissipation, if used with the special zero feed plate HPOO, it is easy to get a completely independent dual mono channel logic 100% separation.
2: Considering that only one stage of pure amplification is done, this version is not redundant to increase the electronic filtering, which can improve the dynamics.
3: Coupling Capacitor 47 BP Input Nikko Banana PlanacitanceOutput UF Large Coupling Capacitance Coupling Straight Nikko KG II File 3300 UF This capacitor can be perfect with input capacitance
4: Use ELNA CERAFINE's feedback capacitor and bootstrap to have dynamic strength, both capacitors must be in ELNA CERAFINE.
5: Transistor-level input is very important, I prefer Toshiba C2240BL!
6: Power transistor uses original Sanken 2SA1216, the sound is very good
Note: Class A amplifiers have high heat. You must install a large heat sink before lighting up.
(Recommended radiator size: 246X30X90mm)
Package includes: PNK sanken A1216 JLH1969 single stage, amplifier kit X 2 channel
Note: This is a kit and all parts need to be soldered and tested.

Maximum Power Per Channel: 20W
Brand Name: GZLOZONE
Package: Yes
Channels: 2 (2.0)
Model Number: A1216-1969


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