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Cross stitch kits Embroidery needlework sets 11CT water soluble canvas patterns 14CT Chinese Style Ten Horses Galloping-NCMA055

Cross stitch kits Embroidery needlework sets 11CT water soluble canvas patterns 14CT Chinese Style Ten Horses Galloping-NCMA055

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Cross stitch kits Embroidery needlework sets 11CT water soluble canvas patterns 14CT Chinese Style Ten Horses Galloping-NCMA0055M店B家庭效果展示1000



Brand name: MAGIART

Product name: Cross stitch kits

Application: home/hotel/office decoration & gift


Material of threads: cotton&silk

Embroidery Range: Full

Canvas type: Monomer 

TIPS 1: The actual size of the product may vary from 1 to 3 cm from the size of the canvas. This is normal.



About threads quantity: With 30% more quantity of threads, absolute enough.


TIPS 2: One embroidery thread can be divided into 6 strands. For 11ct, please use 3 strands to stitch and 2 strands for back stitch. For 14ct, please use 2 strands to stitch and 1 strands for back stitch. Do not use the threads in fold, otherwise the embroidery threads will not be enough.


TIPS 3: Because the number of cross stitch colors is usually 30~45, the effect of the pattern after the embroidery is finished is definitely not as good as the original photo, and sometimes the pattern may be distorted. This is normal. However, in general, the pattern effect of a larger-sized cross-stitch is better than that of a smaller-sized pattern.



Product Composition :

1.  Thread

2.  Printed canvas (only 11ct)

3.  Cannot print canvas (only 14ct)

4.  Toolkit

5.  Paper drawings (only 11ct full-embroidered and 14ct)

6.  Thread card



Cotton thread


Using the original eco-cotton in Xinjiang, China,Using two times of singeing technology,Refined from 18 processes,To achieve high strength, good luster, not fade,not easy to pile up the perfect quality.



Silk thread


Silk thread is made of cotton by drawing, silicone oil, high stability of the stereotypes and dyeing,With silky luster and texture,Bright color, strong sense of three-dimensional,The finished picture is lifelike.


Printed Canvas


The 11CT canvas using the world's advanced high-precision equipment,Printing is extremely accurate,Absolutely no bias,The color is clear and easy to identify.





Unprinted Canvas


The 14CT canvas is made of high-quality cotton white canvas, which is tough and soft, making your embroidery easier and more enjoyable.




The use of the original Korean professional embroidery needles,Rugged, hard to deform when bending.The needle point is pure,the needle tip forcibly inserts the finger abdomen also does not injure the hand,The round head protects the hands.


Finished Effect

The following pattern is the effect after the embroidery is completed and is for reference only. Please note that the embroidering effect will be different depending on the style of the picture, the size of the pattern, the level of the embroiderer, etc.




canvas and threads

CT indicates the number of squares in an inch (2.54 cm). The smaller the number the larger the lattice, the larger the number and the smaller the lattice.


9CT refers to an inch including 9 lattice, embroidery with 4 strands of embroidery threads, back-stitch with 3 strands of embroidery threads, weaving is very simple, suitable for pure novice;


11CT is an inch including 11 lattice, embroidery with 3 strands of embroidery threads, back-stitch with 2 strands of embroidery threads,
 weaving difficulty moderate, suitable for beginners, proficient;


14CT is an inch including 14 lattice, embroidery with 2 strands of embroidery threads, back-stitch with 1 strands of embroidery threads,
 weaving more difficult, suitable for the proficient.




Illustration of the whole stitch embroidery method




1. the fabric folded two times, the formation of "ten" word crease, to find the center point of intersection, according to the drawing of the center points labeled line number, find the corresponding embroidery thread needle, in the center of the fabric of the needle embroidery.

2. At the beginning and end do not knot the needle, Set aside about 1cm of thread and press on the back of fabric.

3. one square represents a stitch full stitch, the color block in the figure does not represent the actual embroidery line color. Please identify the line number, according to the line number of the choice of embroidery line.

4.  first embroidered less, after filling more. For a large area of color, first the outline embroidered out, and then fill inside. For patterns that have only two or three colors and need frequent stitches, you can work with multiple needles at the same time.

5. Sewing should be avoided from one area to another far apart. Because the embroidery line behind the cloth, especially the darker lines, will appear on the front of the canvas, so please finish an area first, then start to embroider another area.

6. embroider the direction to be consistent, in order to sketch the contour to make the work more vivid, in the embroidery diagram completes the final step is the hook edge.


Place of production: Zhejiang, China
Product name: Cross stitch kits
Product number: NCMA055
Embroidery Range: Full Embroidery
Canvas type: Monomer
Use: Paintings
Brand Name: MAGIART
Pattern Type: Animal
Frame: No
Origin: CN(Origin)
Canvas Packing Method: Folded
Material: 100% COTTON
Style: Chinese Style
External Packaging: Colored Box


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