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HD1969 class A power amplifier
glod sealed the most perfect version of the HD1969 class A power amplifier 10W+10W
glod sealed the most perfect version of the HD1969 class A power amplifier 10W+10W
glod sealed the most perfect version of the HD1969 class A power amplifier 10W+10W

glod sealed the most perfect version of the HD1969 class A power amplifier 10W+10W

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Product Description :

This version is the official release of 2014-4-16. Before the old version from the exterior to the essence to improve the performance of the warranty is 1 years optional nouveau riche gold and silver

2019 Breeze Audio Voice king Hood 1969 glod sealed the most perfect version of the HD1969 class A power amplifier 10W+10W

Now on sale is the 6 tube PNP silent version, more delicate than the old version of the listening, music is more excellent

Compared to N tube,P tube sound More delicate and beautiful, the air is better,Dive deeper bass


Hood 1969 small Class-A power amplifier, power although modest, but with in the room and bookshelf box, warm and charming, most bile taste pure Class-A amplifier, not now what digital technology can replace, as, like tubes, I take their Golden West Ascot E0049+E0011 is very comfortable to

And general HD1969 the whole place we put filter integrated into the power amplifier board, make a small main current transmission distance is the shortest, such benefits is the energy transport is much more rapid, more abundant, so out of the sound more natural Shunchang, remove the long lead tape comes loss.

In addition machine appearance is our design and production, in the cost of the other than the home can not be compared to the advantages of the 1-2000 of similar machines and we have no way to have a grade of appearance and quality

Material disposition
Main power tube: 4 Motorola gold seal 2N2955+2 Motorola gold seal 2N3955
Transformer: 22V pure copper wire transformer
Output capacitance: Top axial
Input capacitance: German ERO
Potentiometer: very expensive type ALPS_27 (16 times the price is 3 times)
Output connector: copper terminals with CMC crystal

Size:Width 336 height 75 depth 208 plus packing about 7KG

Machines need to be made to order, because the production is rigorous and careful. Photographed after 1-3 day delivery. Machine warranty for one year, there is a problem in the case of no grinding change free warranty for one year. The door can be free.



This machine is a type of pure HIFI, 10W, power is not large, and the tube as a taste of music. Need to be bursting with considering to buy.
HD1969 because there is a capacitor across the output, which eliminates the loss of relay protection

Jin Feng tube now Motorola to stop production, the machine is with a good board removed from the tube after a rigorous testing, and the rest of the original are new.

1969 amplifier can not buy just look at the price, look at the chassis, and behind the connectors are much attention, RCA input we use the expensive American CMC816 terminal, the speaker output port with the copper crystal, so wear, antioxidant, the timbre or

This is the volume potentiometer, is the most critical core components, related to precision, feel and life, the general 1969 is not so high end potentiometer, of course, the price is also a lot of high cost

MKT VISHAY capacitors, more delicate than WIMA and ERO, the details are better

The feedback capacitor has a great influence on the tone color, here uses the ELNA Brown God series capacitor.

RFSSeries Grade Brown (SilmicII) or Black High: ELNA is designed for the sound design of the top audio capacitor, one of the world's advanced audio capacitors. Copper pin, extremely low distortion (three harmonic distortion -120dB), natural silk fiber medium,Tangent of loss angle / leakage current / resistanceSmall,Chain wave currentExcellent characteristics,Open field, sound sweet, mellow and powerful low frequency band, and the level of permeability good, rich richMelancholy music,Enhanced resistance to acoustic vibration design, reduce the high pass part has a peak Peak feel and if part of the rough quality. This is true as friction machine and capacitor design choice, has a long history and famous.

This machine can also use the gold peak of P channel field tube, after repeated comparison, but not recommended,Especially the IRF series,Turn on the voltage is too high, the details of the air are general, is absolutely classicGold Peak MJ2955Good sound.

The capacitance of the actual audition feeling,The actual audition show tone neutral voice more delicate and lustrous, has a different style and Japanese Aberdeen capacitor


Golden West Aston speakers worth 8000 yuan.


Maximum Power Per Channel: 10W
Model Number: 1969
Channels: 2 (2.0)
Package: Yes
Brand Name: weiliang audio
Power amplifier type: HIFI power amplifier
Model: 1969
Color classification: Tuhao gold silver white
Whether stage: HiFi
Channel: 2
size: 336*85*215
weight: 6KG
impedance: 8ohm
Type: Home Amplifier


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