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10s Bms 36v E Bike Battery Charging Voltage 42v 15a Pcm HENGCHANG Dropshipping

10s Bms 36v E Bike Battery Charging Voltage 42v 15a Pcm HENGCHANG Dropshipping

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Application and features: A, applicable to series 10 series, 15AH and the following lithium/cobalt acid lithium/lithium cobalt/lithium/lithium polymer/triples battery pack B, perfect overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, discharge overcurrent protection and discharge short circuit protection C, the peripheral protection adopts the aluminum profile heat sink, which has anti-vibration, anti-fall, anti-impact and increasing heat dissipation and strength function D, the main control IC adopts the special battery protection with high integration degree, which has reliable and stable function, low self-loss and ESD E, has broken line protection function Wiring instructions Main line: 1, B-/TP1: the negative pole of the battery pack 2.P-/ TP2: negative pole of the discharge load 3.C-/ TP3: negative electrode of charger Voltage test line (line of line) . Wiring instructions: power cable B-:Connect to battery negative P-:Connect to negative of discharge port C-:Connect to negative of charge port Voltage monitoring cable B-(GND)/B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B7/B8/B9/B10(B+) Remarks: Please connect B- line firstly, and then connect voltage monitoring wiring harness. The last step is to connect charge and discharge lines. If you want to remove them, the order should be reversed. Please pay attention to the connection order, or it will damage the component.

Origin: CN(Origin)
Certification: None
Weight: 40G
Size: 60*35*8mm
Model Number: 10S
Nominal Capacity: Working current 15a
Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 42v
Over current protection: 45a
Working current: 15a
Charging current: 1-5a
Charging voltage: 42v

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